Matt Kelly (swim coach)

Penny’s knowledge and understanding of Emmett therapy is exceptional and allows Penny to provide a detailed therapy session to address the issue(s) whilst covering other areas to ensure a fully comprehensive session. Will continue to rely on Penny for future treatments and recommend the Emmett therapy Penny uses.
Penny recently worked on shoulder mobility to allow greater movement and remove the pain I’d experience. After 45 mins Emmett therapy full movement was restored with no further pain.


I was having many problems with painful swelling of muscles, particularly in the neck, shoulders and hips. In fact in most areas of the body.
Fortunately I have been receiving treatment from Penny and this has proved invaluable in assisting my recovery. Thank you Penny for all the help and advice you have given me. Especially for the relaxing treatments and giving me back a feeling of well being.


About 10 years ago I slipped and hurt my left shoulder, tearing the biceps in the process. I had physiotherapy at the hospital which was successful up to a point. But I still had limited movement in my arm and very often my shoulder would ache quite badly. I put up with this for a very long time until a friend of mine suggested Bowen Therapy. Thank goodness I took her advice.
I began seeing Penny on a regular basis. It made a great deal of difference and I continue to see Penny for treatment for other issues when I feel the need. Penny also does a top notch reflexology session, which I have found tremendously helpful.


Having suffered on and off for a number of years with aches and pains when working on the computer I had been to my GP numerous times and was unsatisfied with the outcome. I decided it was time to look at alternative treatments and went to Penny. To start with I could not quite see how the Bowen technique worked but I am now a convert!
Perseverance and patience are essential as many aches and pains have an underlying cause that is not at first obvious. Bowen has opened my eyes to how different areas of the body are linked - treating your neck can have an effect on your legs and feet and visa versa. Penny has helped me to discover just what a sensitive body I have, I am now far more in tune with my body and what is going on. I would recommend her style of treatment to anyone who finds more mainstream therapies such as osteopathy or massage just that bit too physical - it really doesn't have to hurt after you have had treatment.


I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!
My foot is remarkably better. Nowhere near as much pain as previously. Can't believe it really - after Months of intense pain - but THANKS